Radiography Testing - Level I & II

Course Duration: 10 days

Radiography Testing used to detect internal discontinuities by using X-Ray and Gamma Ray Source.

Radiography contains the use of penetrating X-ray or gamma radiation to examine manufacturing products for imperfections. An X-ray generator or radioactive isotope is used as a source of radiation. Radiation focussed towards tested material and image captured on Photographic Film like the one Medical X-Ray used for detection of bone fracture. An Inspector will do the interpretation of the film to check the Quality of material.

Radiography Testing – Level I & II, NDT training course is established to meet the requirements of ASNT SNT-TC-1A and customer specific document for training and certification.

After completion of Radiography Testing - Level II training course, you will give get in-depth knowledge of techniques, types of Radiation Source, Types of films, Quality of radiograph,Density, Image Quality Indicator, Film Processing,Film interpretation and evaluation for identifications of defects and artifacts